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That’s $7,600 of your tax money wasted by your Lancaster County Republican Commissioners Josh Parsons and Ray D’Agostino, because of ignorant, insensitive and totally unnecessary comments about Lancaster Public Library’s planned Drag Queen Story Hour on March 23 (“Security for library event cost city $7,600,” May 4 LNP | LancasterOnline).

And it’s much more than $7,600. Consider the missed revenue for downtown businesses. Consider the negative publicity Lancaster has received from around the state and across the country. How embarrassing.

Let’s be sure to remember this fiasco when these two clowns ask for your support and votes.

Suggestion: Send the bill to Commissioners Parsons and D’Agostino. That’s $3,800 each, guys, in case you don’t have enough fingers to figure it out.

David Baker

West Lampeter Township

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