Toast with avocado, hard-boiled eggs and everything bagel seasoning

Celebrate mom with a nutritious and delicious build-your-own-toast bar this Mother's Day. There are endless options, but here's one tasty combination: toast, avocado, hard-boiled eggs and everything bagel seasoning. 

As Mother’s Day approaches, it is the perfect time to show appreciation for the women in your lives. This year, celebrate with a toast — literally! A dietitian-approved, build-your-own toast bar will elevate your celebration in a way that puts mom and her health at the center of it all.

Typical brunch items such as waffles, pancakes, pastries, doughnuts and the infamous French toast casserole are dense sources of carbohydrates and added sugar. This causes blood sugar levels to rise drastically after these foods are consumed, only to come crashing down later. The rapid rise and fall of blood sugar can leave you feeling tired, irritable and reaching for another sugary energy boost or heading straight for a nap.

Let’s get this straight — carbohydrates are not a dietary enemy but it is important to note that certain sources of carbohydrates or that way that you prepare carbohydrates can have a significantly different impact on the way you feel after eating them. We like to encourage our clients to focus on whole, unprocessed carbohydrate sources like veggies, and occasionally some fiber-rich starchier foods like sprouted grain breads, oats, quinoa, beans, lentils and sweet potatoes because they don’t spike blood sugar in the same way as processed flours, grains or sugar do.

Not ready to make he switch to our suggested options? That’s OK! Instead, pair your carbohydrates with nutritious additions that taste great and keep you feeling full longer. What is the winning combination? Choose a carb, add a protein, nourishing fat and sprinkle with extra flavor to help balance the impact of carbohydrates on your blood sugar levels.

Now, let’s raise a toast to the incredible women in our lives! There is truly no better way to celebrate than with good food and great company. If you snap photos of your nutritious spread, share with us on social media and tag @lancasterdietitian.

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How to build a balanced toast

— Choose your toast: sprouted grain, sourdough, seeded bread

— Spread with a nourishing fat or protein: avocado, nut butter, hummus, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, cream cheese. If dairy-free or lactose intolerant, choose nondairy or lactose-free varieties.

— Top with additional protein, seeds or fruit: sliced fresh fruit or vegetables, seeds (chia, flax, pumpkin), smoked salmon, hard-boiled eggs, scrambled eggs.

— Add extra flavor: herbs, honey, cinnamon, dark chocolate chips, shredded coconut.

Combos to get you started

— Avocado, hard-boiled eggs, everything bagel seasoning.

— Nut butter, chia seeds, strawberries.

— Cottage cheese, sliced tomatoes, fresh basil.

— Cream cheese, smoked salmon, capers, dill.

Dietitian-approved toast options

When it comes to bread recommendations, look for whole grains, fiber (3+ grams), low or no added sugar (< 2-3 grams) and protein (3+ grams). We also look for minimal, recognizable ingredients. Here are some of our favorite brands:

— Sprouted grain: Ezekiel 4:9.

— Whole grain: Silver Hills.

— Sourdough: Whole Foods Market Sourdough.

— Gluten-free: Base Culture 7 Nut & Seed.

Does mom prefer bagels? We recommend the Easy Bagel recipe from This recipe contains only five ingredients and provides dietary modifications to meet dairy-free and gluten-free needs. Check out the recipe at

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