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  • May 9, 2024
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It’s tempting to think there’s a split in the Republican Party between far-right MAGA activists and traditional Republicans. Perhaps you think the MAGAs are the fringe extremists, the insurgents, and the GOP is still led mainly by pragmatic, Chamber of Commerce-type Republicans.

As university students prepare for the summer break, a relative few are drawing attention for their protests in opposition to the Israel-Hamas war. These protesters assert that Israel is committing genocide against Palestinians, and they are demanding that their universities divest from comp…

According to political analyst Sukhayl Niyazov, writing in 2021, “America was ... not an attempt to create the best form of government, but rather the best possible — a political system theoretically capable of solving concrete social problems, eliminating policy errors and learning from them.”

The worst days of school are the days you go in knowing a standardized test is awaiting your arrival. You walk into class after getting a horrible night’s rest and accept your fate of staring at this test for the next several hours. Standardized tests in the classroom should be abolished, si…

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